Smarter, Faster Event Response


EagleEye Intelligence provides powerful Critical Incident Management and Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) solutions for public safety, defense and security.

The company’s STRAX® Platform and IER™ Intelligent Event Response technology accelerates rapid response and improves critical incident management by delivering relevant, real-time, tactical intelligence, one common operating picture and situational awareness across one software platform, while unifying connected devices, IP cameras, manned land and aerial equipment, UAS/drones, multi-agency interoperability, data and advanced analytics.

­­Accelerate Rapid Response. Increase Operational Efficiency.

Utilize Real-Time Tactical Intelligence.

A common problem in today’s data and technology driven environment lies in a complex disparate network of legacy systems, applications, equipment, and devices. This is  further complicated by ever evolving technology. EagleEye Intelligence solves this problem by unifying disparate operational eco-systems of applications, IoT devices, imaging equipment, manned and unmanned aerial and land assets, data and advanced analytics across the STRAX Platform.

IER, the “intelligence”  behind STRAX, automates responses based on agency rules, assigns roles and integrates advanced analytics to deliver real-time tactical intelligence to responders, commanders and analysts.

Flexible, Scalable & Adaptable

Every agency and its operational teams have different intelligence, operations, equipment, and integrated IoT data needs. EagleEye Intelligence provides a cost-effective, flexible and scalable approach to implement Critical Incident Management and Real Time Crime Center solutions.  Whether your focus is on crime prevention, real-time intelligence, adding advanced analytics, or assisting in investigations, our team will work with you to develop a plan that can grow as your needs grow.

Expertise & Best-In-Class End-To-End Services

Our experts work closely with customers to evaluate Critical Incident Management and Real Time Crime Center Solutions.

EagleEye Intelligence expertise includes extensive experience in:

  • Public Safety
  • Aviation & UAS
  • IoT Engineering
  • Wireless Communications
  • Military Intelligence & Operations
  • Commercial Security
  • Solutions Engineering
  • Systems Integration

What’s Your Mission?

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