EagleEye Intelligence provides end-to-end, unified intelligence for public safety and security.


We partner with public safety and security to solve to unify and manage real-time intelligence given complex operational eco-systems of applications, data, equipment, and growing utilization of UAS.


Our vision is to significantly improve public safety and security by driving advances in three areas:


  1. Unify a wide variety of intelligence and complex operational eco-system data into our single, common operating platform, STRAX.™

  2. Utilize comprehensive UAS expertise to deliver seamless eco-system integration and enable tremendous tactical and operational advantages.

  3. Leverage EagleEye’s Intelligent Event Response (“IER™”) to continuously improve the intelligence needed in public safety and security as various forms of advanced analytics and machine learning evolve.



Contact us today to discuss how we can help you unify your intelligence needs or fast track your UAS program.



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