We support multiple airframes, and other assets through a broad network of partners and manufacturers.


Our goal is to identify and specify the right mission assets.


We support multiple integration options for airframes, flight control and sensors from a wide array of partners and suppliers.  These can be customized to achieve highly-specialized mission goals and objectives.


In addition to our Intellectual Property, our Research and Development team can design and develop specialized, mission-critical assets and devices.

A Solutions-Based, Mission Equipment Approach:

Search and Rescue


This agency needed the ability to rapidly deploy an asset that could search a large marine surface area for an extended period of time.



EagleEye Intelligence is working on a long-range, large payload, UAV solution that enables wide-area searches at night at minimum risk to rescue personnel.  Additionally, advanced analytic processing of the video through STRAX™ enables rapid searching for possible targets of interest.






Security / Asset Protection


This commercial client required the ability to monitor extensive areas of crop during periods of local instability, for crop protection as well as general equipment security monitoring.



A UAV solution was developed equipped with crop analysis cameras and a security payload. This provided both agricultural support was monitored through STRAX™ at remote sights, drastically reducing the patrol burden of this extensive property.



Law Enforcement / SWAT


A local law enforcement agency required a solution that could rapidly be deployed to investigate suspicious packages.



EagleEye Intelligence worked with a manufacturer to source a higher resolution camera that could be added to an existing UAS.  This hardware solution, coupled with STRAX,™ enabled live dissemination to enable rapid investigation of the consignee.







Vehicular Incidents


A local police agency needed to reduce the time and cost associated with documenting Vehicle Incidents.




EagleEye Intelligence created a UAS program and developed new procedures supported by STRAX™ to rapidly redirect traffic and coordinate with responding units.  The traffic diversions were mapped on STRAX™ and monitored through the UAS live video feed.


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