Hardware and software technology is constantly evolving.


Our team is focused on developing mission-critical products and services around (3) key disciplines:


  1. Integration of  existing assets into our STRAX™ Platform.
  2. Augmentation, enhancement  and integration of existing system and device capabilities.
  3. Design and Development of  new IP to serve specific mission or market needs.


Our Professional Services and R&D teams can help evaluate current asset and develop a plan to enhance current mission capabilities within the framework of your agency or organization's budget.



We are developing hardware, software, and IP pertaining to UAS flight systems, sensors, payload management and machine learning and automation.


These systems can be customized to serve specific market and mission requirements.


Examples Include:


  • Computer Vision & Analytics
    • UAV Based Multi-color/Object Tracking
    • Fixed Camera Facial Recognition

  • Indoor UAV with Obstacle Avoidance and Analytics

  • Payload Development or Customization
    • Low-Light Camera
    • Gimbal Mount Design and Control
    • Indoor UAV Payloads and Sensors
    • 360 Camera

  • Machine Learning and Automation
  • Intelligent Event Response

  • Situational Awareness & Control (SAC)

  • Integration of Security Devices & Solutions

  • Big Data, Reporting & Analytics

  • Video Streaming, Retrieving, Archiving

  • STRAX™ Response Manager (SRM)

  • Enhanced Gateway Safety System (EGSS)

  • Response-Team Mobile App

  • Autonomous UAV Operations

  • Integrated Communications

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