Our STRAX™ platform provides secure real-time communications, situational awareness and emergency response capabilities for the public safety and security sectors.


The platform enables fixed and mobile devices, optics and sensors to communicate with each other, with and without human assistance.


STRAX™ provides approved decision makers with the data to provide rapid, meaningful, and actionable intelligence.


Today’s current Internet of Things (IoT) environment creates a complex ecosystem  and almost limitless choice of independent software, devices and equipment.  When combined with legacy and one-off systems, unified integration and communication is critical to the success of any mission.


Our Professional Services Team can create a mission-based solution to integrate fixed and mobile assets, devices, optics, sensors, and other hardware to communicate with each other with & without human assistance using STRAX.™


We support multiple integration options for airframes, flight control and sensors from a wide array of partners and suppliers.  These can be customized to achieve highly-specialized mission goals and objectives.


In addition to our Intellectual Property, our   Research and Development team can design and develop specialized, mission-critical assets and devices.






  • Enhanced Situational Awareness
  • Multiple UAS and Device Integrations
  • Data Analysis
  • Enhance Your Existing Safety Programs
  • Manage Risks and Threats
  • Maximize Operational Efficiencies
  • Reduce Response Times
  • Completely Customizable and Scalable
  • Mission-Driven / Budget Driven Configurations

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