Our STRAX™ platform solution significantly simplifies real-time complex intelligence and operational eco-system data from a variety of disparate applications, systems, equipment, and UAS into one common operating platform.


Our Intelligent Event Response (IER™) application unifies a wide variety of intelligence and mission management capabilities including command and control, situational awareness and advanced analytics.


Plan, detect, respond and analyze in fast, fluid, live operations environments.


Planning is the critical, first step to mission success.  STRAX™ creates a adaptable, layered approach to mission management and operations by integrating mapping, flight planning, UAS integration, communications, and multi-device unification as well as other third-party application feeds into a single platform.


This unique ability to see multiple data points on a single platform interface empowers public safety and security leaders like never before.


  • Risk and Threat Management
  • Reduced Response Times
  • Enhanced Safety Programs
  • Flight Planning & Control
  • Operational Efficiencies


Live operations require quick decisions in a rapidly changing environment. The protection of the public and agency officials is extremely challenging during live operations.


Those decisions are only as good as the information with which they're made.


STRAX™ provides leaders with critical, real-time data integration from multiple devices and sensors to empower decision making and increase the safety and security of responders and the people they're tasked with protecting.

  • Intelligent Event Response (IER)
  • UAV Integration
  • GIS Mapping
  • Security Integration
  • Communications
  • Multi-Device Unification
  • Third-Party Application Feeds


Mission evaluation, evidence collection, processes, procedures and SOP are just a few of the data points that can be reviewed post mission.   Access to this data can result in better training, mission planning, prosecution and other operational efficiencies.


These STRAX™ reviews make organizations more intelligent with each subsequent mission.

  • Mission Playback
  • Big Data / Analytics
  • Evidence Collection
  • Chain of Custody

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