We understand how critical support services are to all mission phases.


We've positioned our team to assist your organization and staff in all those phases.   From assessment and planning, to live-mission support and post-mission review, we are there to support your every step along the way.


The same team involved with initial assessments and implementations will be integral to your ongoing support.

Available Support Options


  • All STRAX™ Software updates
  • 24/7 Call Support for STRAX™ connected UAV’s
  • Scheduled maintenance for STRAX™ connected UAV’s
  • Service for STRAX™ connected UAV’s
  • 24/7 Call Support for IT/STRAX™
  • 24/7 Call Support for Flight Operations
  • 24/7 NOC availability
  • Priority on Service Engagements
  • Priority Asset Allocation for Projects

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